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CIFS unmount fails at shutdown, causing delay...

Hello all.  I am relatively new to Fedora, but have been very impressed.  It has replaced Ubuntu as my linux "desktop distro" of choice on both my Laptop and Desktop machines.

I have a file server in my home, which both the desktop and laptop mount at bootup via fstab, over the network via the CIFS filesystem.  The mounts work perfectly on bootup on both machines.  When I log in, I have perfect access to all my files.

The problem comes with rebooting or shutting down the laptop.  When it gets to the CIFS stuff, it hangs, and gives an error.  Sometimes it will delay the shutdown/reboot 30 seconds, other times it delays it about a minute, while trying to do whatever its trying to do.  The desktop machine does not exhibit this issue.

The desktop machine is wire-networked, and the laptop is wireless.  My instinct tells me that something before CIFS is causing the wireless to disconnect before it gets to the CIFS unmounting, which is why it does not present as a problem on the desktop machine.  I see NetworkManager shuts down *after* the CIFS stuff, however.

Anyone have any quick thoughts on how to fix this?  This is really the only issue I am having with my Fedora install, everything else has been fantastic.  Oh BTW, this is Fedora 10, 64bit.

Thanks in advance.....

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