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Re: Need help with Reboot cause

Peter J. Stieber wrote:

> running the latest x86_64 Fedora 10 kernel that I recently loaded (April 
> 2).  The machine reboots without warning.

where you previously running 32 bit?

how soon after loading f10 64 bit did problem start?

is there any consistency in reboot, that is, how often?

if reboot time is short, have you tried booting just to bios or boot prompt?

in and along lines of psu and mainboard, have you added any hardware?

what is make and model of psu and mainboard?

check web for load ratings of mainboard, drives and any added cards to see how close
you are to rating of psu.

in direction of psu and mainboard, 'bad cap syndrome', do you have hardware that you
can remove to see if you are having psu load problem?

like drives that can be removed, cd/dvd drive, nic, audio, change to a light weight video?

pull all removable hardware and boot to bios to see if will stay up. if ok, replace cards one
by one. then add drives one by one.

if you pull hardware and still have reboots, then you may well have 'bad caps'.

a quick test to save pulling hardware and you are a tinkerer, get an automobile tail/brake
light and connect to psu +12v and +5v to test loading.


peace out.



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