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Re: Resources to learn C

Jorge Luis wrote:
* Frank Cox:
On Sun, 05 Apr 2009 11:39:45 +0930

I learned to type in school on huge Underwood manual typewriters.  (I was the
only boy in the high school typing class; I thought it would be a good skill to
learn.  Obviously, I was right.)

My ex-father in law had been in the Army during the Korean War.  He came home
with one piece of advice.  "Kid, learn to type.  In the Army, a man who can
type is too valuable to risk being killed."



I too learned to type in highschool (cause I was loosing 10-20 marks for bad handwriting). That worked great, the teachers were so glad not to have to read my writing they let me write my exams in a separate room with my little electric brother typewriter. It made a bit of a racket :) To learn C -there are online courses and how-to books. I liked the SAMS one. Pick one and run with it. -Get Eclipse C/C++ IDE. It will hold your hand and help you avoid stupid syntax errors till you get a feel for the language.
-work hard and don't give up!

Things that are spectacularly important:
-read and learn about the compiling and linking processes. Know the differences and what messages relate to which one. -get a grip on pointers! Pointers and indexes from pointers are the root of most bugs.

have fun!

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