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Re: Chown ??? (getting way OT)

g wrote:
Steve Lindemann wrote:

...and I've been at this since the 70's and always thought it was "switch user". Can't recall where I first picked that up

possible from novell unix?

'switch user' / 'substitute user' = synonymous.

what would be interesting is how many know why unix/linux commands are terse. :)

yup, substitute user is certainly equivalent, but much harder to spell so I still use switch user 8^)

...as to terse commands, how many have used a teletype console or a card punch machine as their primary input. Anyone who's had to type on those beasts understands why terse is good. ...oops, just gave it away. At least the teletype was faster than inputing binary using switches. Of course, there could be more to it that I missed... is there more?

We could always jump to (what I consider) more recent history and ask if anyone else knows why we use the h,j,k,l keys for cursor movements in vi.
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