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Re: [Request] Language support packages not installed by default

Mike Wright wrote:
Rick Stevens wrote:
Beartooth wrote:
On Wed, 08 Apr 2009 04:27:45 +0930, Tim wrote:
It's really only the installer that needs to have multi-lingual support
right from the get-go, to ask you what languages to use.  An installed
system only needs the languages that you actually need.

Good point! All the more reason not to include umpteen bazillion of them as defaults anywhere else.

Would you communicate that to the Mozilla gang as well? :-)

Having all those ruddy language packs reinstalled every time Firefox or
Thunderbird gets updated is OK on my desktops with drives >500GB, but
they suck up too much space on my Aspire One.  I delete them just to
have them reappear on every bloody update.  Grrrr!

Hi Rick!

Hi, yourself, Mike!

It may be worse than you think. While I work I leave the Firefox->Tools->JavaScript_Console open.

Oh, you are a glutton for punishment!

It seems that Firefox calls home daily or perhaps shortly after being launched. The javascript console reports, one by one, that each and every language pack is being/has been updated.

I've found that if you uninstall the packs (deletions must be done as
root, BTW), they stay gone UNTIL FF/TB gets updated.  As to exactly when
the packs actually get downloaded and installed, I'm not sure.  When you
start the newly updated program, they reappear.

The startup time is a bit longer than normal after an update but not
long enough to download the packs at that time.  I think the packs are
actually downloaded during the update and are only being "activated"
during this extended startup.

What I'm trying to get at is: If I've deactivated and deleted the packs,
I obviously do NOT want them.  Why does the stupid thing INSIST on
stuffing them back in?

I don't think this is a Fedora issue, I think it's a Mozilla thing and
it's damned frustrating.  Perhaps I shouldn't have opened this can of
worms on this list.  Forgive me, fellow Fedorans.

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