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Re: install to usb, when bios does not see usb?

thanks for replies from Kam Leo and John Austin

re Kam Leo's #1
>1. You cannot directly boot from a USB device if the BIOS does not
> support that feature.

I had already understood that.
 My main questions, probably obscured bc of lack of detail on my part,
1)whether  my usb disk could be mbr-installed
 to boot when connected to another system that had a bios that can boot usb,
 i.e., after being mbr-installed while still connected  to my present system
 using say an f10 install cd/dvd,
 despite my present system bios not seeing the usb?
2) and if so, would that mbr prep on usb
   somehow interfere or not with my present scsi sda1 mbr?

re  John Austin's  #1
>1. As my main disk is dual boot windows, f10 (/ and /boot)
>       I can write vmlinuz and initrd to /boot on the hard drive and boot my
>USB stick using these

Yes, I already understood that,
and in fact have been doing so for last few months
not with f10 but fc5 and older kubuntu.
Some detail on that I had mentioned to Mikkel in the old thread
Feb 21, 2009 Re: kubuntu vs fedora initrd init files

any further response?

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