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Re: Chown ???

Jim wrote:
> Rick Stevens wrote:
>> Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2009-04-08 at 15:27 +0000, g wrote:
>>>> Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
>>>>> ttys
>>>> 'b-'. you did not answer which model and usage of paper. :)
>>> asr33, paper scroll :-)
>> ASR33s also had the paper tape punch and reader.  KSR33s did not.  I
>> had both hooked up to my Altair 8800 back in '77 via 110 baud, 20mA
>> current
>> loop serial interfaces.
>> Ah, memories!
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> ASR33 on  a Altair, that far back, You must be at least 100,  I started
> out on a RCA 1802 8 bit and I still have it.
> I modified it to work on S100 bus so I could get more memory , 64k , man
> you were top dog with that kind of memory.
Maybe he was talking about an Altair 8008. Intel 8080 processor,
S-100 bus, front panel with status and data LEDs. Address/data
toggle switches, and a few control toggles.

Toggle in the paper tape loader in binary. Then load the system
monitor/program from paper tape. I remember loading an assembler
from paper tape, and then feeding the program source from another tape.


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