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Re: Need help with Reboot cause

g wrote:
> Peter J. Stieber wrote:
>> I noticed it a few times before the latest kernel, but now it is more 
>> frequent.
> 'more frequent' may well be indication of system component breaking down. that
> is to say that if it is 'bad cap', capacitor is starting to have more internal
> leakage.
> other things that can cause 'more frequent' is cooling problems caused by dirty
> cooling fan blades, fan itself slowing from lubricate drying, dirty heat sink on
> cpu or other high heat vlsi chip, including some gpu. [graphics processor unit]
> also, some heat transfer paste will dry within a couple of years and cause a loss
> of cooling.
> i have never check, but if there is a command line for checking system temp, fan
> speed, and voltages, running a cron at 10 to 15 minute intervals will give a good
> idea of what is happening.
If the motherboard has the sensors, the lm_sensors package will
usually let you get the values by running sensors. (You have to set
it up for your system first.) There is also the lm_sensors-sensord
package that will log the readings.


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