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Re: Need help with Reboot cause

g wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> If the motherboard has the sensors, the lm_sensors package will
>> usually let you get the values by running sensors. (You have to set
>> it up for your system first.) There is also the lm_sensors-sensord
>> package that will log the readings.
> i just looked at 'man sensors' and it could be run with cron as his board being
> less than 5 years old and dual cpu, i would imagine it has sensors on mainboard.
You would expect that to be true, but I never assume that it is.

> if lm_sensors-sensord can be set to a short interval, that would be good also.
> no 'man' file on this system, so i could not check it.
lm_sensors-sensord is the package name. Try man sensord is you have
the package installed. The defaults are to check for alarms on 1
minute intervals and log the reading every 1/2 hour. But the
defaults are changeable - you could log every x seconds if you
wanted to. -l option for alarm checks and -L for logging. You can
use seconds (s), minutes (m), or hours (h).

The Fedora RPM installs a sensord daemon, and /etc/sysconfig/sensord
is the config file for it.


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