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Re: Chown ???

Sharpe, Sam J wrote:
2009/4/9 psmith <johnsmithdoe14 googlemail com>:
my first computer was a spektrum 48k, it used a casette tape for storage and
had great games like jet set willy and saboteur, we also used one at primary
school where i started to learn to program spektrum basic.

Then there was the Spectrum 48K+... ahh the days of typing out code
listings from a book just so you could play a new free game.

10 print "phil is cool"
20 goto 10

10 INK 4
20 PAPER 3
30 PRINT "                    "
40 PRINT "    Sam is Cooler   "
50 PRINT "                    "
60 BEEP 1,0

lol, and we also learned logo with the edinburgh turtle that used was to
plot drawings on the floor that you had programmed in. so obviously i'm not
as old as some of you but i' ve still been around a bit lol :D

I would estimate that you are 30 +/- 2

close, 34 years old, though my missus would swear i'm still a teenager the way get excited over gadgets and computers lol


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