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Re: Akonadi server process not registered at DBus

On Saturday 11 April 2009 18:58:14 Gene Heskett wrote:
> >assuming that you are not running gui as root which seems to cause some
> >issues with akonadia, that seemed to be an issue with early versions of
> >F10/KDE but I suspect that if you open systemsettings
> >
> >Advanced => Akondai Configuration => Akonodai Server Configuration
> >
> >and then click 'Test' button, you can see what the issues are and use
> >this tool to fix if necessary.
> >
> >Craig
> Craig, hijacking a thread here I suspect, but for users of KDE as shipped
> by Fedora for f10, there is not such an animal in the menu's.  Which is
> probably why you couldn't understand why I had all the trouble I had.
>  There is simply no access to that utility from my menu's on this machine.

Then there is something very odd about your machine.  System Settings, as it 
appears on the menu, has been present on every install I've had of KDE4, going 
back to early 4.0 on F9 beta.  Try looking on the menu's Computer tab - on 
mine it's the top item.  Try also entering 'system' into the search bar on the 
menu.  If you use the Classic menu, look under System.

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