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Aargh! Gimp caught Open Office's disease!

I can no longer define custom page sizes in GIMP for printing
CD/DVD media. It insists on scaling things in bizarre fashion
and won't just print the dadgum data I tell it to print exactly
where I tell it. My image came out as about the size of a
quarter at the edge of the media with the rest blank.

I just had to move my printer to a Windows box and use HP's
unbelievably annoying software to print a DVD. (My first
impression is that they worked with focus groups for at least
6 years to devise the most cumbersome possible interface).

The stuff that formerly worked is documented here:


I'm clearly gonna have to figure out how to send the
silly image myself, bypassing as much of the "helpful"
software as possible. Maybe I can make a postscript
file with no excess margins or scaling and send it...

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