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Re: how to config 80 port for apache in iptables

On Sun, 2009-04-12 at 22:18 +0800, Nathan Huang wrote:
> Hi guys
> who can help me with opening 80 port for apache in iptables, I want to
> access my apache server from remote computer,  but I failed in config
> iptables with 80 port.
> First step:
> echo '-A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport
> 80 -j ACCEPT' >> /etc/sysconfig/iptables

Is this syntax the same as the rest of your rules?  In particular, I'm
looking at "RH-Firewall-1-INPUT".

> Second step:
> /sbin/service iptables restart
> error:
> iptables: Flushing firewall rules:                         [  OK  ]
> iptables: Setting chains to policy ACCEPT: filter          [  OK  ]
> iptables: Unloading modules:                               [  OK  ]
> iptables: Applying firewall rules: iptables-restore: line 15 failed
>                                                            [FAILED]
> who can tell me what's wrong with my iptable configuration.

Probably nobody, until you post the list the rest of your rules.

I think you're also missing a "COMMIT" after your rule.  And I suspect
you should stop the iptables service before directly fiddling with its
configuration file (that rather depends on when, and if, it saves the
current rule set, when you tell it to restart).

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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