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Re: initdefault has no effect

> Mike Burger wrote:
>> Ubuntu (the distro in which I believe upstart to have been started) has
>> done away with the inittab, altogether, in favor of another script in
>> their /etc/events.d (their equivalent of Fedora's /etc/event.d)
>> directory
>> that determines default runlevel.  Maybe Fedora needs to consider the
>> same?
> this is interesting and brings a question, are you saying that ubuntu and
> fedora use /etc/event.d/ instead of inittab or just ubuntu?

>From what I've read, Ubuntu does not use the inittab, at all...doesn't
even include one.

> ria, i *replaced* 'id:5:initdefault:' with 'id:3:initdefault:' in inittab
> and
> made no changes in /etc/event.d/, and i boot level 3 with no problems.

Not surprising...the underlying issue, for us using Fedora, is that the
Upstart script that reads the inittab does not distinguish between lines
with comment delimiters and lines without.  Having just the single line
would work, as expected.

Mike Burger

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