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Re: how to add stuff to crontab without using crontab -e

Steven W. Orr wrote:
> There have been a number of answers to your problem, none of which I like.
> Your crontab is handwritten source code and needs to be treated as such. 
> You may not appreciate what I'm telling you until you actually one day 
> lose your crontab. Edit a file in your home directory called ~/.crontab 
> and use whatever editor you like. Make your crontab ref whatever programs 
> you want and then when your done, just run
> crontab < ~/.crontab
> to install it. You can check to see that it worked by just running 
> crontab -l
> Does this help?
I still like the idea of installing a file in /etc/cron.d. This is
the kind of cron job it was designed for. It also makes it easy to
edit.remove. Just edit the file on one machine, and copy it to all
the other machines.


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