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Bluetooth mouse won't auto-connect

I have a Logitech Bluetooth mouse with my Asus 1000HE netbook. In
general it works very well (even the sideways scrolling feature) but I
find I have to run "hidd --search" as root in order to get it to

I use KDE4 so I installed kbluetooth4 and at first was pleasantly
suprised when it handled the connection right out of the box. However
it's never done it again, despite me clicking on every possible option,
permanently authorizing the mouse MAC address, pressing the 'Connect'
button on the mouse, etc. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect is that
Kbluetooth4 has a device list showing the mouse as discnnected, but
there's no button to connect it! This would seem to be an obvious

Do I have to keep running 'su' to connect my mouse?

BTW, it also disconnects on suspend and won't reconnect on resume
without the above shenanigans.


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