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Re: Lost panel bar

rodolfoap wrote:

I was working normlly on my laptop until yesterday with gnome (no
updates, as I remember, but all weekend I used suspend by closing the
laptop screen many times). Now I turn on the computer, and the gnome
desktop does not show my panel bar (where all the applets and
menu-launcher are). I created a launcher for my terminal, so I can
launch evolution. 

How can I restore my panel bar? Why did it faded?


I also lost my panel bars recently.  First I lost everything on the top menu bar except for the default Gnome Menu (Applications/Places/System).  After restoring most of the panel, the bottom panel completely blanked out.  The workspace switch app that I manually added to the bottom panel does not have the preference option to change the number of workspaces, limited me to the default 4.

I manually restored the two panels but there are still differences that I need to track down as to what I had installed.

Again, I had rebooted a couple of times since my last YUM upgrade.  The reboots were manually due to Fedora 10 freezing up on me.

  Steven F. LeBrun

Quote: "There are 10 types of people in this world, those that understand binary and those who don't."

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