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Re: (no subject)

On Mon, 2009-04-13 at 16:25 -0400, m wrote:
> If thats the case just say its harder to read and be done, don't
> pretend its like screaming and then scream back breaking your own
> sacred rule.

You seem to be having quite a tantrum over this, I don't see why.

A point was made about it's considered shouting.  It is.  And by
convention, long before email ever existed, UPPER CASE was used as a
form of emphasis.  

Don't people read books?  

And since the days of e-mail, it's been considered an extreme form of
emphasis (i.e. shouting your message).  It's also considered lazy
typing, and it's also considered ill-educated.

A point's also been made that it isn't actually easier to read upper
case, normal mixed case is easier to read.

Neither point negates the other, they still stand.  This isn't an
either/or situation.

And as far as "screaming back," you were one who did that.

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