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Re: Software request

>> Go into a terminal, type vi and hit TAB...

>         OK. I got a little bit of somewhat cryptic info about vi,

Yes.  ;-)  Though I think you might be misunderstanding "tutoring".
Tutoring is teaching, generally by doing at the same time.  Tutoring
isn't an instruction book, in the general sense.

> and page after page about the GPL or the children in Uganda.

I don't see that in the vimtutor, but I have read that text elsewhere in
the pages that vi can show you.  I suspect you've done something else,
perhaps my "vi and hit tab" clue was too cryptic.

[tim suspishus ~]$ vi<tab><tab>
vi                vim               vimtutor          vino-preferences
view              vimdiff           vimx          

"vimtutor" is a command, I said "vi and hit tab" to get you to have a
look at what commands were available to you beginning with "vi".  It's
often a good way to find related commands to something, or the command
name for something you can only remember part of.

> Or there's something there that you have to already know vi to see??

Yes, vi's like that.  I only use it in its most basic form.  I learnt
enough to use it to edit files when there's no GUI (e.g. the computer's
barely booting, or over a network).

> Does that mean "You had your chance; now to hell with you"?


Since you've used the GUIfied version of vim (gvim), have you tried its
help menu?  You get index pages and help in the gvim window, and many of
the coloured bits of text (point numbers, obvious file names, etc.) can
be clicked on to load a page about them (rather like using the lynx web
browser with a mouse).

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.  I
read messages from the public lists.

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