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Re: Firefox 3 hogging 90% CPU, can anything be done about this?

Frank Cox wrote:
On Mon, 13 Apr 2009 16:26:39 -0700
Hugh Caley wrote:

Problem: After running Firefox for a time (a few minutes to 30 minutes) it will start taking 80%+ of CPU (as shown in top) and will keep taking it until I restart the browser. This machine is running Fedora 10 32-bit. Firefox firefox-3.0.8-1 flash-plugin-

I actually haven't seen that problem on any of the Fedora and Centos machines
that I look after.  At least, not in quite some time as I don't remember
anything about it at the moment.  (Knock on wood and so on, of course.)

This is usually associated with heavy CPU from npviewer.bin, hence the association with flash and flashplayer.

That does make it sound like a Flash problem.
There are several open tickets on this and similar problems on Adobe's website:


That's probably the best place to take this issue up; Flash is a closed-source
program that nobody can fix other than Adobe.

I do definitely get the problem on sites such as youtube; however, I also get the problem on sites that don't have any obvious flash content, and frankly, I'm not sure which ones at this point. Flashblock doesn't seem to catch all of them. Still trying to find out.

You might want to look at using noscript instead of Flashblock.  It does what
Flashblock does, plus more.  Perhaps a combination of Flashblock and Flash
content contributes to or causes the problem.  What happens if you uninstall
Flashblock and install noscript instead?  Again, that's what I use and I
haven't seen that problem so perhaps that's the reason why.

The last Adobe run-away that I had was a rogue acroread process on Centos 5
that ate up everything to a point that you could barely enter a single
character on the keyboard any more.  When I eventually managed to log into it I
killed that process and everything returned to normal.  But that was acroread,
not Flash.
I've seen posts about people who are able to just kill npviewer.bin and their browsers go back to normal. However, npviewer.bin isn't always running when I have that problem.

I'll try noscript, but I'd REALLY like Fedora/RedHat/Mozilla people to work on the problem. If you look at the adobe site there are quite a few logged bugs about this sort of thing, and no resolutions. I would suspect Linux is a lower priority. Some higher-end help would be good!


Hugh Caley, Linux Administrator
Aldon Computer Group
6001 Shellmound St. Suite 600
Emeryville, CA 94608

(510) 285-8542 | hughc aldon com

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