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Re: Kde freezes in Fedora 10

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Thursday 09 April 2009 18:43:09 Robin Laing wrote:
I will have to try removing akonadi.  I have not found a use of it yet.
  Maybe it will fix some of my problems.

Sure. It might make coffee for you while it's doing it :-) What makes you think that akonadi has anything to do with this? I've seen nothing in this thread to suggest it.



The post I responded to mentioned as quoted.

"Disabled desktop effects and "yum remove akonadi" it's working now. "

I am not using desktop effects and I have not seen any use for akonadi. I don't use most of the KDE applications that work with akonadi.

I am at a loss for the freezes and lockups of the system. I am lucky to get 48 hours of uptime with F10. On the weekend I ordered new controller cards for my HD's as the chips on the motherboard are slow and more RAM.

This weekend the computer locked up twice yesterday with no-one logged in needing system reset using kdm.

I am not getting anything in any of the logs to point to a problem other than the odd disk message related to the controller. Some random kernel oops over the last two months where I get a pop-up about sending the info to the kernel developers.

With my years of using RedHat and Fedora, this has been the worst experience yet. This install is not like the rest though and I do accept that I may have to remove disk encryption as one level of testing. If system loads are high due to encryption, it may be necessary.

I am going to try the SysRq key settings and see if I have some success with getting some info.

Robin Laing

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