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Network Routing

I have a server with 3 nics in it.
eth0 is local lan
eth1 is public internet
eth2 is private

I have most of the routing working in that I can send and receive
traffic that I need on the private network from the server, but not on
the workstations. I am using iptables for my firewalling, and have the
route statements based on IP's for the eth2 interface and this works
from the server. The default gateway is the eth1 interface.

On the workstations, I need to be able to route out the eth2 interface
of the server when I need a specific webpage. I'm thinking I need to
add an iptables statement to my firewall to get that to work from the
workstations, but I can't figure out how to do it.

Basically, if I type www.site.com in a web browser on a workstation,
it needs to hit eth2 on the server and get that page.

Anyone know how to do that? Am I even on the right track?



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