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Re: Firefox 3 hogging 90% CPU, can anything be done about this?

On Tue, 2009-04-14 at 11:58 -0700, Hugh Caley wrote:
> Guess I'll just go look at Youtube with my javascript DOM/SVG viewer and 
> ... wait ;)
> Personally, I think if Alan Cox contacted the head Linux programmer at 
> Adobe that would be helpful.
> I also think you guys (we) are winning the Open Source versus 
> proprietary war, slowly but surely.  At the moment, that doesn't make my 
> Linux desktop experience suck much less.
as a counterpoint but probably unhelpful is my opinion that...

- every time I go to youtube.com, the stuff works fine.

- I no longer get the race conditions FF 3.07/Fedora 10 but when I had
problems with FF, they always seemed to be related to AdobeReader plugin
in FF which I just simply removed and my problems went away. PDF files
downloaded and AdobeReader opened in its own memory space instead of
within Firefox.

- I'm using KDE 4.x on Fedora 10 and I don't think the Linux desktop
experience sucks at all.

- I don't tell Alan Cox what to do about anything and I wouldn't expect
him to listen to me if I did.


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