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Install F10 on a machine that has no CD/DVD drive, i.e. VPS

I'm sorry for the title. It is a challenge that I have at the moment. We
have some VPS(s) 6 in total, and I wish to upgrade the distro that comes
with them. They are currently running FC3 - which is umm... a little
older than I'm comfortable with. I do recall a few years back that I
managed to do something similar with debian, where I was able to upgrade
the distro running, to run  a debian distro of my choice following a
guide online, and I recall I had to turn off swap, and use chroot in the
swap partition, something like that.

Please bear in mind that I cannot remember exactly what the procedure
was, I just recall it was tough, used some crazy but in my eyes
pioneering techniques to blow the old system out the water, and able to
reboot into the distro that I wanted.

For the record, please forgive me for mentioning debian on a fedora
list, I'm fedora/red hat all the way these days - I guess my question
is, I want to install FC8/9/10 onto an old FC3 box, and I don't have a
CD drive and I am not going to upgrade all the way up to the required
version, simply because I want clean installs on each box.

Any help, ideas, and comments, highly appreciated. 

Kind Regards,
Mr Gabriel

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