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Re: Install F10 on a machine that has no CD/DVD drive, i.e. VPS

On Wed, 2009-04-15 at 13:29 +0100, Gabriel - IP Guys wrote:
> I'm sorry for the title. It is a challenge that I have at the moment.
> We
> have some VPS(s) 6 in total, and I wish to upgrade the distro that
> comes
> with them. They are currently running FC3 - which is umm... a little
> older than I'm comfortable with. I do recall a few years back that I
> managed to do something similar with debian, where I was able to
> upgrade
> the distro running, to run  a debian distro of my choice following a
> guide online, and I recall I had to turn off swap, and use chroot in
> the
> swap partition, something like that.

I've no idea what a VPS is, but if it can boot from a USB pendrive
(thumbdrive, memory stick, whatever) then the procedure is fairly
simple. Basically you install a copy of the Fedora Live CD on your
pendrive, boot from it, check that your hardware works and when
satisfied click the icon that says "Install".



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