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Re: Install F10 on a machine that has no CD/DVD drive, i.e. VPS

Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Wed, 2009-04-15 at 13:29 +0100, Gabriel - IP Guys wrote:
I'm sorry for the title. It is a challenge that I have at the moment.
have some VPS(s) 6 in total, and I wish to upgrade the distro that
with them. They are currently running FC3 - which is umm... a little
older than I'm comfortable with. I do recall a few years back that I
managed to do something similar with debian, where I was able to
the distro running, to run  a debian distro of my choice following a
guide online, and I recall I had to turn off swap, and use chroot in
swap partition, something like that.

I've no idea what a VPS is, but if it can boot from a USB pendrive
(thumbdrive, memory stick, whatever) then the procedure is fairly
simple. Basically you install a copy of the Fedora Live CD on your
pendrive, boot from it, check that your hardware works and when
satisfied click the icon that says "Install".



If you can't get it to boot VIA USB, two ways that I can think of that I have done before that could work, create an NFS mount, or drop it into an http server directory, and PXE boot, or use a floppy disk to generically boot it (I haven't done the floppy way in years, as I have a PXE server).

If you are doing a lot of them you could look into Cobbler, with is a distro system (yum repo has it) and allows you to do the same thing and is easier across a number of systems as you can do a mass build without much admin overhead after the server is running initially.


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