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Re: F10: Qt applications show corrupted fonts after upgrade

Rex Dieter wrote:
> We've identified vrgb and vgbr font hinting to be broken when built

And that's because Qt uses the freetype LCD filtering if it's enabled.
Something which should "work" even if freetype was built without subpixel
rendering, but of course won't actually do any type of LCD filtering in
that case. Once it will get fixed, we'll want to force this feature enabled
so people with freetype-freeworld installed (or with the F10 freetype build
which accidentally enabled subpixel rendering... this is why Qt is getting
built against a subpixel-enabled freetype at all) get the better LCD
filters. But right now the problem is that it doesn't work.

> Looks like we've been able to fix this in new qt-4.5.0-14 builds coming
> soon.

Where the "fix" is to just disable the feature (i.e. revert to how things
were in Qt 4.4). We need this to get fixed properly upstream.

        Kevin Kofler

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