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Re: Resizing with gparted for Fedora installation

On 04/15/2009 01:47 AM, Mark Ryden wrote:
  Still I am a little bewildered. I googled and read about it; still
here is my dillema:
there are 2 options which I consider:
1) running gparted from a Linux LiveCD, freeing space from the vista partition.
then rebooting, making sure window vista can start, and then installing Linux
on the freed space.
2) resizing while installing Linux.
Suppose I have the rescue window CDs.
which options is better ?
We've been doing Linux Installfests at the BLU for 15 years. My preference is step 1:
1. Under Windows, fully defrag the C: and D: partitions.
2. In Vista, you can resize using the resize utility, but I personally prefer either gparted or qtparted. Remember that resizing is a 2-step operation. When shrinking, first you shrink the file system, then the partition. This is done automatically by gparted and qtparted.
3. Absolutely boot back into Vista to make sure things work.
4. Then you can then install Linux and let Linux allocate the space (either by letting the distro do it or manually). In the past 15 years of doing this I only had one system that would not dual boot, and this was a really strange laptop. I even had the guy bring it to my house and spent a day with him :-( .

For us at the BLU, our objective is to make sure not to destroy a running system. But, I do think that option 2 would work fine,, but make sure that Windows is defragged.

These days, I prefer to use virtualization. I have not used the P2V approach, but I have installed VirtualBox under Windows with Fedora as the guest OS.

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