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Re: Install F10 on a machine that has no CD/DVD drive, i.e. VPS

On 04/15/2009 08:29 AM, Gabriel - IP Guys wrote:
I'm sorry for the title. It is a challenge that I have at the moment. We
have some VPS(s) 6 in total, and I wish to upgrade the distro that comes
with them. They are currently running FC3 - which is umm... a little
older than I'm comfortable with. I do recall a few years back that I
managed to do something similar with debian, where I was able to upgrade
the distro running, to run  a debian distro of my choice following a
guide online, and I recall I had to turn off swap, and use chroot in the
swap partition, something like that.

Please bear in mind that I cannot remember exactly what the procedure
was, I just recall it was tough, used some crazy but in my eyes
pioneering techniques to blow the old system out the water, and able to
reboot into the distro that I wanted.

For the record, please forgive me for mentioning debian on a fedora
list, I'm fedora/red hat all the way these days - I guess my question
is, I want to install FC8/9/10 onto an old FC3 box, and I don't have a
CD drive and I am not going to upgrade all the way up to the required
version, simply because I want clean installs on each box.

I've done this in a number of ways.
first, I set up my home system to boot isolinux, which you can download from the Fedora mirrors. The data you need is in the isolinux directory, vmlinuz and initrd.img. You will need to update your grub.conf to point to these.

You can do a network, hard disk, or NFS install once you boot into this. I did a full network install of Fedora 10 this way, and both hard disk and NFS installs of RHEL 5.2 on the 6 servers we have in our office.

Once you complete one install, you could use kickstart to install the other systems or just perform the same procedure on your systems.

I much prefer these methods over burning a DVD.
Jerry Feldman <gaf blu org>
Boston Linux and Unix
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