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F9 (KDE 4.0) seems like such a long time ago... F10 (KDE 4.2.1) rocks !

Is it just me or does it seem like eons ago that we were running F9,
stuck with a partially working KDE 4.0, longing for KDE 3.5.x ?

Now there is no way I would ever consider going back to KDE 3.5.

I can't believe how good KDE 4.2.1 is.  I don't think I've ever had a
better working "window manager".  (I really want to say "OS" there as
that is true as well...) 

F10/KDE 4.2.1 is rock solid and fully functional for me.   

There are a few little things that could be improved, like a GUI
interface for the synaptic touch pad on my laptop and better web page
rendering in Konqueror, but other than that, its totally beautiful.  

What a joy it is to use F10/KDE 4.2.1 !

And it seems it will only get better... KDE 4.2.2, using Qt4.5 is
expected to be released into stable next week.  And F11 has been
frozen !  The goodness never stops !

The initial release of KDE4.0 was one heck of a blow to my day to day
work habits.  Those were darn dark days.   I thought they were never
going to end.  Now the sun is out and shining brightly with only clear
skies and gentle breezes in the forecast.  We've arrived !

I am one happy Fedora user.

Keep up the good work.  

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