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Re: Slow install w/ kvm

Konstantin Svist wrote:
Joseph L. Casale wrote:
Using kvm-74-10.fc10.x86_64, tried an install of Xp sp3 x86 from
an iso and a floppy image with a sif file all writing to a file
based disc image. The install portion of copying files took forever
and a day.

The host is a recent quad core with 5gigs of ram, is this normal
for kvm?


Last I checked (year or more ago) it was a known bug (I think
ACPI-related). In short, Windows makes some special system calls during
install - they supposedly speed up installation on raw hardware, but
slow down by a lot on virtual machines. Workaround was to disable ACPI
during install... or something to that effect

Yes, a known problem with XP on lots of hardware. That is why there is an undocumented 'feature' in the install process to turn of acpi.

When you see the prompt to press F6 to load additional drivers, press F7. This will turn off those pesky checks.

Also, if the system is already up, change the computer device setting to 'Standard PC'.

Good Luck!

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