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Re: ramdisks [a solution]

Bill Davidsen wrote:
Mike Wright wrote:
I came up with a solution that uses LVM and it works a *charm*, albeit, probably because of large block sizes relative to the 16M size of the ramdisks, seems inefficient (costs 25% each). Maybe I can tune these and get better.

pvcreate /dev/ram15
pvcreate /dev/ram14
pvcreate /dev/ram13
pvcreate /dev/ram12

vgcreate my36Mdisk /dev/ram15 /dev/ram14 /dev/ram13
vgcreate my12Mdisk /dev/ram/12

lvcreate -n myRamDisk1 -L 36M my36Mdisk
lvcreate -n myRamDisk2 -L 12M my12Mdisk

Wow that sounds complex, why not just make the ramdisks larger? Just use the boot parameter which sets that:
where N is the size in kilobytes, so for 256M you specify 262144.

Thanks for that advice.

I ended up making the ramdisks smaller which gave me greater granularity. Then when the volume groups were created I specified 64K extents instead of the default 16M. That gave two benefits: there was almost no wasted space in the VG, and the data that I copied over used less than half of the space of the original.


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