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Re: kernel- doesn't boot

On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 08:12:49PM +0300, Joonas Sarajärvi wrote:
> After installing the same kernel from updates-testing along with all
> the other 'testing updates, I have run into a similar issue.

> First, I noticed that unlike with 2.6.27, KMS is now enabled on my
> hardware. However, booting seemed to get stuck in the same place as on
> your machine. After getting stuck, only the ACPI event from the power
> button seemed to do anything meaningful (The system shut down cleanly,
> though without any output to the screen).
Yes, that about the same.

> After adding the nomodeset word to the kernel boot parameters, the
> system acts as it used to. No KMS, no getting stuck at the end of
> boot. Try doing the same if you suspect it has anything to do with
> KMS.
Thanks for your suggestion Joonas :)
I did try that. The machine booted up to the point where the login
screen would have come up and then froze solid.

That being said, I tried for day to install the new beta on this
machine with no success. When I was finally able get 11 beta
installed and rebooted, I got the exact same behaviour from that
kernel as I am experiencing now. So obviously, something isn't right

I'll poke around the next couple of days and try to determine what
the problem is.

Thanks a lot for your idea though, I appreciate it.

Kind Regards,
"The plural of anecdote is not data."
                --Roger Brinner

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