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F10: gvfs and webdav ssl / davs: anyone???

Hey all,

	I THOUGHT I had this working under Fedora 9 but since upgrading to
Fedora 10 I just now revisited trying to connect to a webdav server over
ssl (not available on http, https only) using gvfs.

	My earlier experience with gvfs on Fedora 9 was interesting enough.  I
couldn't get that to work until I spotted something in the httpd.conf
file that rang a bell with some forum posts.

	I was this:

BrowserMatch "^gnome-vfs/1.0" redirect-carefully

	I remember seeing a remark about that in a post that described my exact
problem.  But...  gvfs in F9 doesn't give that browser string.  It was

BrowserMatch "^gvfs/0.2.5" redirect-carefully

	Plugged that in and it worked like a charm!

	Now I can't get it to work under F10 at all.  The webdav selection
under "connect to server" seems to be http only.  Specifying a port was
no help.  No selection for ssl.

	If I go under custom and enter in a davs://www.test.com/webdav it
ALMOST works.  gvfs tries to talk to the server using davs but two
problems showed up real quick.  One was the Browser string again.  This
time I needed this:

BrowserMatch "^gvfs/1.0.3" redirect-carefully

	That got me closer but no cigar.  Seems that gvfs is ignoring
the /webdav portion of the URL and attempting an OPTIONS request for /
and returning that the share does not support webdav.  If I turn DAV on
for /, it then works.  But that's no good.  I don't want DAV turned on
for my entire site and I want to maintain the authentication control
through multiviews.  Seems like gvfs is seriously busted (insert stock
smark remark here).

	I saw other remarks in some Ubuntu forums saying much the same thing
that those people fell back to using fuse-dav but I don't see the
fuse-dav package in the repos anywhere.

	Anyone know how to get that to work?

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