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f10 kde edition install/live cd no graphical screen

I am trying to use f10 kde edition install/live cd-- this is a purchased cd.
All i get is a few lines on the console    maybe said something wrong apci?

then a blue bar with fedora10 on end
the cd  makes noise like it is actually doing something
then goes quiet.
The screen then looks like it is showing shutdown, power off
then just goes completely blank,  computer remains powered on

if i then do  ctrl-alt-f2
it gives me
  localhost login:

cant get anywhere with this.  Is there some magic user name?
i tried  'root',  which seems to get past  asking for password
but no hint as to how to get the graphical response.

I expected an automatic full graphical response from the beginning.

i know the cdplayer is ok,
i also have a centos 5.2 live cd that comes up
as expected ( but no install option);
 also  a knoppix 6.0 cd, ditto.

f10 cd: Bad media?
help, please

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