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Re: 2 sata drives using 1 cable

No it cant sorry, you can only use one sata per device.

On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 7:27 PM, Mike Chambers <mike miketc net> wrote:
I tried googling this question and not having any luck.  And not being
the hardware expect, thought I would ask here.

I have 2 sata slots on my MB, 1 goes to my dvd player, the other to my
HD.  And I do have one IDE slot to use.

Now to the question.  What I want to know, is if 1 sata HD can slave off
another sata HD?  Like using IDE drives and using one as master, and one
as slave, both using same IDE cable, with just more than one connection
on it? Of course, not sure I see another slot mentioned in the BIOS, so
maybe it's a mute point?

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

Fedora Project - Bugzapper, Tester, User, etc..
miketc302 fedoraproject org

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