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Re: 2 sata drives using 1 cable

On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 9:27 PM, Mike Chambers <mike miketc net> wrote:
> I tried googling this question and not having any luck.  And not being
> the hardware expect, thought I would ask here.
> I have 2 sata slots on my MB, 1 goes to my dvd player, the other to my
> HD.  And I do have one IDE slot to use.
> Now to the question.  What I want to know, is if 1 sata HD can slave off
> another sata HD?

You can't daisy chain SATA drivers, at least not without additional hardware.

> Like using IDE drives and using one as master, and one
> as slave, both using same IDE cable, with just more than one connection
> on it?

Not possible with SATA to the best of my knowledge

> Of course, not sure I see another slot mentioned in the BIOS, so
> maybe it's a mute point?

What you want is a (fairly cheap) SATA interface card that can be
either USB, PCI or PCI-E. I would suggest putting the hard drive
directly to the board, and the DVD ROM to the interface card.

You may want to verify Linux compatible with your choice of interface
card before purchase.

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