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Re: looking for pre-configured RHat derived server for mail

Around 02:56pm on Friday, April 17, 2009 (UK time), Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak scrawled:

> Claude Jones wrote:
>> I know there are a number of Redhat/Centos/and even Fedora specialized  
>> distributions out there that are packaged for server use. Can any one  
>> recommend any that they've used? We have an aging mail server, Debian  
>> based, that is failing and need to replace quickly. GUI based would be 
>> a plus. I am only going to be able to marginally contribute to getting  
>> this going, but will probably be involved in maintenance. We just need  
>> to do mail with this machine. I've looked at SME and BlueOnyx so far,  
>> but, both seem to be command line based. I understand the security  
>> advantages of not running X but, we'd rather live with that downside 
>> and have a GUI for various reasons. Your experiences appreciated...
> You could use stock Fedora with postfix, with webmin to provide a  
> web-based gui...

Because of the shor lifespan of each Fedora version, for a production
server you would be better with Redhat or CentOS.  Standard CentOS
installation, using sendmail and Dovecot works fine with me.  You could
administer it with Webmin if you want GUI.


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