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Re: 2 sata drives using 1 cable

Mike Chambers wrote:
> I tried googling this question and not having any luck.  And not being
> the hardware expect, thought I would ask here.
> I have 2 sata slots on my MB, 1 goes to my dvd player, the other to my
> HD.  And I do have one IDE slot to use.
> Now to the question.  What I want to know, is if 1 sata HD can slave off
> another sata HD?  Like using IDE drives and using one as master, and one
> as slave, both using same IDE cable, with just more than one connection
> on it? Of course, not sure I see another slot mentioned in the BIOS, so
> maybe it's a mute point?
As others have stated, it is one device/cable. You may want to
consider a PATA DVD drive. Unless you have PCI express slots, adding
a SATA card will limit your SATA speed. You could move the DVD drive
to an add-on card, but you may not be able to boot from it. It
depends on the SATA card.


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