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Re: Fedora, Silverlight and Mono?

2009/4/18 Mike Cloaked <mike cloaked gmail com>:
> antonio montagnani-2 wrote:
>> no, it doesn't work here....and I am surprised.
> Maybe they are restricting it to UK connections?  If you are outside the UK
> maybe that is the reason?

FWIW, I installed Moonlight from the link I get bounced to when I hit
the Install Silverlight button. I go back and it still tells me to
install Silverlight, so I'm guessing that ITV Player can't work out I
have it installed (or possibly it's requiring Silverlight 2).

If it's anything like BBC iPlayer, it's restricted to UK connections -
although the argument for that is that only the UK License Payers pay
for the BBC content. I am guessing that the reason for ITV is due to
advertising or contractual requirements. There's not much good on ITV


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