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Re: problem with 10 upgrade

2009/4/18  <dcooke efn org>:
> During reboot after upgrading to fc10 from a DVD,
> service smartd gives this message
> init: prefdm main process(3034) terminated with status 1
> init: prefdm main process ended, respawning......
> ..
> init: prefdm respawing to fast, stopped
> init: Re-executing /sbin/init
> ..hangs at this point.
> Does a single user behind a modem need this service?
> Can I turn it off at GRUB?
> what's a good way to fix it?

I think you might be wrong about the real cause of that error...
prefdm is trying to run your preferred Display Manager... but it's not
working. Smartd might look like a suspect just because it's the last
thing started before init finished (if you look, it's probably
/etc/rc5.d/S99smartd - same priority as running rc.local)

So if you do get it to finish booting, you'd probably be missing
graphical stuff - either because your graphics hardware isn't
supported or it hasn't been detected properly.


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