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RE: Monitor instantly sleeps

Hi, it's not a screen saver setting issue. I also faced this situation that
when I am going to start Fedora 10, after few seconds monitor has been sleep
and I see that anacorn service was not initialized, is it bug or any other

Thanks & Regards
Adeel Akbar 

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On Sat, 18 Apr 2009 22:19:27 -0400
greg michalski wrote:

> After installing Fedora 10, my monitor goes to sleep in about two 
> seconds.  If I
>  > turn the monitor off and on I see the desktop and can use mouse, 
> pulldowns. But
>  > the the monitor goes back to sleep after another 2 seconds...Is 
> this a setup
>  > issue?

Does this happen on the login screen or only after you have logged in to

If it happens only after you log into your desktop, then you have a problem
with your screensaver settings.

System - Preferences - Look and Feel - Screensaver

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