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Re: Monitor instantly sleeps

On Sun, 19 Apr 2009 13:16:37 +0600
Adeel Akbar wrote:

> Hi frank Cox,
> Sometime my computer starts normal and shows display login screen and
> sometime hanged and no output display in service startup stage after
> anacorn.

So you're saying sometimes the computer boots up and works normally, and
sometimes it doesn't.

That suggests a hardware issue rather than a configuration issue.  Have you
checked to insure that you have a good solid connection between the monitor and
the video card?  Is your computer overheating, is it getting enough air flow?
Dirty fans?  Loose parts of any kind?

Your Intel onboard video uses part of the system ram for its memory.  What
happens if you increase or decrease the amount of ram assigned to that?
Perhaps the ram in your computer is faulty; have you run memtest86 on it to see
what happens?  What happens if you remove one of the memory sticks from the
computer?  What happens if you swap them around?

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