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Re: poorly written xorg.conf leads to frozen computer

On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 5:35 AM, Mike Cloaked <mike cloaked gmail com> wrote:

anonymous-91 wrote:
> How can I just prevent X from starting up, so I can delete that file?
> Currently I have the plymouth boot going so I'm not sure how to stop the
> process.

When you boot, interrupt the boot process and edit the kernel line to put
the number "3" at the end.  Then continue the boot into runlevel 3.  Login
and remove the file and then reboot which should revert to what you had
before with a full graphical login in runlevel 5

Thanks, that worked. I wasn't sure how to interrupt the boot process since the grub menus was hidden. I read the manual and I just needed to press escape.

When I right click on the workspace switcher and click preferences, I
get a window with radio buttons for

Show only the current workspace, and
Shaw all workspaces in: _____ rows

I'm on F10 x86_64, Gnome. I however did find a key in gconf,


However the description said its deprecated; "The number of workspaces
the window manager should use This key has been deprecated since GNOME

Is something wrong here?

I'm not using x86_64 but that's exactly how mine works. The preferences no longer include the option to change the number of workspaces, just the number of rows.

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