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Re: Upgrade from F9 to F11 beta (is that rawhide?)

On 04/20/2009 09:01 AM, Cannon, Andrew C wrote:

Hi all,

I've got a F9 system at home that I like to use for my emails and office based work that doesn't require MS office (thankfully, not much does). I was wondering if there were any issues I should be aware of if I wanted to upgrade from F9 to F11 beta? Should I just sack the whole installation, apart from my /home directory, and reinstall? The system is also running with the proprietary nVidia driver (I was hoping that would give me 3D acceleration but it didn't seem to work).

It is running as a tri boot installation with XP and Vista selected from the Windows boot menu after Grub times out.
IMHO: I prefer a fresh installation. While upgrade installations have been very much improved, there is always the chance of some issue cropping up that is a result of the upgrade. Not sure whether you want to go 11 beta or wait for 11.The nVidia drivers are available through RPM Fusion and work reasonably well with Fedora 10. You also might want to consider virtualization. I have both XP and Vista running under KVM on my F10 system, but I don't use them heavily. KVM comes with Fedora. Sun's Virtualbox also works well. By virtualizing you can run both Linux, XP, and Vista at the same time if you want to.

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