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Re: who can introduce me some good redhat linux book and download links

When the date was Sunday 19 April 2009, Nathan Huang wrote:

> Hi guys
> I am new fan in fedora redhat linux, I am intereted in linux and network
> administration, who can introduce me some execellent ebook, so that I
> can learn linux systematically.

First of all, I think your approach to the subject is the most promising: 
Although you can get a grip on systems administration by surfing the 
gazillion of HOWTOs and tutorials, a good book will introduce you to the 
broader context in a structured way.

To the point, I would suggest to invest some time studying on UNIX 
administration in general instead of Fedora specific.

"Essential System Administration" by Æleen Frisch


"UNIX System Administration Handbook" by Evi Nemeth et al

both on their third edition are excellent.

Also, "The Art of UNIX programming" by ESR (don't be scared by the title, is 
a bit misleading) will introduce to more abstract UNIX concepts. Actually, 
pretty much all of ESR work is a good reading.


Having a UNIX mindset, jumping to any specific distribution is pretty 
straight forward, and we will be around to help. Even then, I would 
recommend you to experiment, besides Fedora, with Slackware and Debian as 
different distro paradigms.

Have a lot of fun ;-)

 Michael Iatrou

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