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Re: Q about installing F10 from Live DVD

Kenneth Lee wrote:
> Use the Live CD to "try out" distributions.
> Download and burn the DVD, and use that for installations.
> This seems to be true with Fedora.  Each distribution seems to work a
> little bit different, but the live CD's seem to be good for trying them
> out without
> changing what is on your current hard drive.  Just don't "Install" if you
> want to test!  Fedora seems to install "best" from the DVD.

The live CDs install just fine. They just don't upgrade (without
reinstalling/reformatting) previous versions of Fedora (but upgrading a
Fedora installed from a live CD of a previous version of Fedora to the
current one using any of the methods for upgrading: DVD, preupgrade, yum
upgrade etc. works fine).

The advantage of installing from a live CD is that you get a tested and
consistent package set with default components known to integrate properly
with each other. The drawbacks are that you don't get to customize the
package set before/during installation (you have to do it after the
installation), that you don't get to choose the file system for / (it's
always ext3 until F10 and always ext4 from F11 on) and that some popular
packages are not included for size reasons and have to be added after the
installation if wanted (notably OO.o - you get Abiword or KOffice instead
depending on the spin).

        Kevin Kofler

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