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Re: who can introduce me some good redhat linux book and download links

Les in his posting wonders how you can check the versions to which online documentation applies and I'm concerned about that too. I think the quickest way to learn is to grab a few different distros, figure out how to install them, and then do a combination of researching with Google and asking questions on various mailing lists. Learning how to Google an answer or research some point of interest is really important. Asking good questions on mailing lists can result in very interesting responses from truly expert people.

In addition to the above, I've subscribed to the same mailing lists for years and download all the messages. I try never to miss a message. In this way Thunderbird becomes a kind of loosely organized knowledgebase. It travels with me everywhere. When I have a question I search my messages first. Often someone else asked the same question (pick any number and put it in this space) years ago and elicited several still-valid responses and I can put the answer to use then and there. Sometimes also, reviewing these makes me wonder if there is updated information available, and then I may Google more and/or ask a question.

Take Unix classes as well because then you benefit from an experienced instructor and students with varying expertise levels.

Dive in with a distro and get your hands very dirty. (Smile.)


On 04/19/2009 12:57 PM, Nathan Huang wrote:
Hi guys
I am new fan in fedora redhat linux, I am intereted in linux and network administration, who can introduce me some execellent ebook, so that I can learn linux systematically.
thanks in advance

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