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Re: OT- Skype phone question

On Tue April 21 2009, Frank Cox wrote:
> I'm looking for a recommendation for a good Skype phone to get for this
> purpose, and where to get one.  They use 220v power there, but that
> shouldn't be much of an issue -- I think almost everyone there has 110v
> stepdown bricks for various small appliances.  And, as far as I know, an
> ethernet connection is an ethernet connection so a phone we get here should
> plug into whatever she gets for a modem.


It's Skype's own store, so one would think they'd have a vested interest in selling product that works with their service. A little googling could probably get you some reviews.

My wife uses Skype to dial her parent's land line in Peru every day (nearly) from the U.S. That works very well, but, it doesn't give them the freedom to call us. That costs money, but it's super cheap - under $20/ month. If this island country has just gotten internet, Skype probably doesn't offer land line calling there yet, anyhow.
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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