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Re: Email Application for Fedora

cibertazzi2001 wrote:
> Try openoffice is better that office of microsoft 
> Em Dom, 2009-04-19 às 14:47 +0600, Adeel Akbar escreveu:
>> Hi, In windows I used Microsoft office Outlook 2003 for emails
>> correspondence and now I installed Fedora 10. Can any one tell me any that
>> which application I used in Fedora for Emails which support all
>> functionality of MS Office outlook and also having support to import all my
>> previous emails? 
>> Adeel Akbar 

Please don't top post.  And please make the reply relevant to the
question.  Personally, I would suggest Evolution, it's the most
'Outlook-like' mail client I know of.  I don't know what 'all'
functionality in Outlook you want exactly, almost any mail client
supports the same basic feature set, calendaring, task management, etc.

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